Link to the UN Human Rights Council Report (i.e. the International Fact Finding Mission)
Another link to the same UN Human Rights Council Report (i.e. International Fact Finding Mission)
Summary of the UNHRC fact-finding mission report (above) by CJPME
IMDB page

Interview with Director Rifat Audeh at the 2018 Al Ard Documentary Film Festival – Italy:

Remembering Mavi Marmara: ‘We really believed we would reach Gaza’ :

Question-and-Answer session with audience at California State University screening:

Interview (in Arabic) on Roya TV in Jordan:

Documentaire sur le Mavi Marmara, « La vérité : perdue en mer »

Interview (en français également, #65 partie 5) at the Palestine Filmer C’est Exister Festival -English and French , Item #65, Part 5:

Rifat Audeh – Lens on Marmara, Alakhbar (Lebanese daily newspaper), July 14, 2018:

Extracting the Truth (Arabic article), Al-Quds News Agency:

Film Screening – The Truth: Lost at Sea , Alrai (Jordanian daily newspaper), January 13, 2019, page 15: